Manomav is building Social Media Presence

ME is now active on social media for their customers. The beauty of social media is that it allows one to build relationship with people all over the world within the matter of minutes.

We are using social meida platform to aware our customers what we are progressing. We are not here just to re-tweet and re-like. We are here for conversations. Social Media will help us in brand building on various platforms including Google, Twitter, Facebook Page, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.

In 2017, we have taken various initiatives which includes CRM, HRM and Operational Procedures which helped us in growing 2X Operations and 4X Order booking. In 2018, Manomav is heading towards implementing latest monitoring technology on Construction Projects. This vision needs engagement with more promising projects which is only possible if we increase our outreach to such stakeholders. We are looking towards Digital Media Marketing for achieving our mission statements which focuses on Diversification, Strong Book Building, Latest Monitoring Technologies Implementation, Investment. We are super excited towards 2018 and will be sharing our excitement and progress with you.

For any Project Management and Engineering Consultancy Connect us at +91-120-4356006 or We are specialized in Latest Construction Monitoring Technologies, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Quantity Surveying (QS), Bar Bending Schedule (BBS), Cost; Quality; & Scheduling Audits, Material Management Software, 3D Walkthroughs, Training on Primavera/MS Project, and Home Inspection

MEPL booked High End Resident Building Model Town

In current year Manomav Engineers has booked another project from prestigious client Atrey & Associates. More Information about the client is available on their website.

Manomav strategically took the work for Highly End Residential Building Model town.It will enable Manomav to do PMC work for High End Residential Buildings with interior finish in future.

The current status of the work is as seen in photograph :-

Manomav expects a revenue of Rs. 3,50,000 in their books from the current deal.


MEPL booked PMC for Prakriti School Sector 128

In current year Manomav Engineers has booked another project from prestigious client Prakriti School. More Information about the client is available at
Manomav expects a revenue of Rs. Rs.3,000,000.00 in their books from the current deal.

Prakriti intends to provide an environment where children develop a lifelong love for learning. The guiding principle for Prakriti is – nothing can be taught – it can be only be learnt – by experiencing, by igniting a desire within to learn, and by showing the path to discovery when that desire is ignited.

Formal education today is mainly focused on dissemination of facts to children from a very early age, without any regard to their readiness for it, and without any effort to encourage them to think independently. A child who is able to conform to the standards set by the school/ institution is accepted; outliers are branded and rejected.

Prakriti aims to encourage holistic education by incorporating art and craft, music and dance, drama and sports in its curriculum in a manner that encourages creative thinking, progress at one’s pace, and does not expect children to conform to externally imposed standards.