Ashish Kaushik shared the importance of Collaboration in Construction

Gurugram, 23rd May 2018| Manomav Engineers organised Third meeting for the PRATHAM, which are talks relation to construction monitoring and technology on 23rd, May 2018, Wednesday at 7:29 AM. Mr. Ashish Kaushik, IIMK Alumni & co-founder at, was Chief Guest for the Meeting. He loves and support Entrepreneurship in every walk of life. It is the only reason why he chose to be here and not in cubicle doing work.

Organizing Committee of Pratham includes Antriksh Tawar, Abhinav Bhardwaj, Vanshaj Raj Bahal, Hari Om and Kuldeep Singh.  Abhinav was acting President and Host for the day who shared the concept of Pratham and asked Antriksh to invite Chief Guest for sharing his thoughts on “How to redefine the ecosystem with a collaboration”. He started with living examples from his past experience in Corporate Sector and continued to share his experience as a Successful entrepreneur. He highlighted that all of us are individuals and should choose collaboration over a competitive frame of mind for holistic development of self and the organization. He shared key constraints such as Organizational culture, Our own mindset and similarly more, which are required to be a good entrepreneur.

In line with Pratham’s Mission of Community Building Mr. Prasanta Mahato and Mr. Amanat Hassan has presented on Planning & Scheduling and Project Management respectively. Prasanta covered some of the important aspects and benefits of proper planning and how to stick on the schedule of the project and complete it in desired time with proper planning while keeping cost in mind.

Amanat, as next presenter, has presented project management with to the point examples. Being one of the disciplined and experienced Project Manager he presented on Need of Project Management along with informative presentation. He covered the one of the important aspect of project Management i.e. Iron triangle or Project management triangle.

Community Building Session was concluded with Vote of Thanks to Guests of Honour Mr. Ashish Kaushik. A Group Photograph was captured as we all say “Beautiful Memories Never Dies”. We all learnt from this session that in a competitive world if we choose collaboration over a competition it will not only benefit our organization but also help us in personal growth as an individual.

In last Evaluation Session of Pratham, Prasanta was voted as Best Presenter and Raj Vikas Singh was voted as the Best Evaluator for the day. The meeting ended with positive environment with commitment to participate in upcoming meetings of Pratham.

Work Packages for developing Construction Schedule

“A day saved in a project is cost saved of engaged daily overheads on project.”


Scheduling is the mapping of work plan to a timeline. It shows the duration and order of various construction activities. It deals with the aspect of ‘when to do it’. Scheduling of the planning, procurement and construction process is a vital tool in both daily management and reporting of project progress.


Importance of Scheduling is high when it is related to construction management. Planning and scheduling of construction activities helps engineers to complete the project in time and within the budget. The term ‘Construction’ does not only denotes physical activities involving men, materials and machinery but also covers the entire gamut of activities from conception to realization of a construction project. Thus, management of resources such as men, materials, machinery requires effective planning and scheduling of each activity.

Typical Packages

There is no standard list of packages for preparing the construction schedule for any project. In Manomav Engineers, we have prepared a standard list of work packages which helps in covering the complete scope of project for scheduling in best possible manner. The list of work packages are mentioned below:

  1. Civil Work
  2. Plumbing Work
  3. Electrical Work
  4. Fire-fighting Work.
  6. Façade
  7. Aluminium/ Metal Work
  8. Wood Work
  9. Flooring
  10. Wall Cladding
  11. False Ceiling
  12. Glass Work (Glazing)
  13. Paint
  14. Landscape
  15. WTP/STP
  16. Solar
  17. ELV (Data Telephonic Extra Low Voltage)
  18. M.S (Building Management System)
  19. Specific in the case of hospitals these three packages are also considered:
    1. L.P.G
    2. Vacuum
    3. Oxygen

Integrated Schedule

For each activity scope of work is defined and tentative duration is estimated. Once practical completion duration of all activities are assigned then these activities are fast tracked by starting in overlapping in best possible way. The eventual staggered timeline of these work packages give us the integrated schedule of construction Project

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In-house Management vs Hiring Project Management Company in Construction

“Outsourcing It or Doing It In-house, is a question which comes in mind of almost all companies, regardless of type of industry. The answer, unfortunately, is not so black and white.”


I am currently working in Construction Project Management Consultancy and Engineering Services Company which has worked with ranges of brands, including emerging brands to established brands,  in today’s market. We as Project Management Consultants helps you to concentrate on your core business while we take care of your construction delivery. Our customers get experienced professionals from very beginning of project who follows processes which are already working successfully on various projects. The experience which comes to your construction projects is actually the learning which has happened over multiple projects.


However there are both benefits and drawbacks of doing construction management In-House. For Instance, In-house teams of professionals develops a better understanding of your company’s working procedures but their technical learning are limited to individual capability and experience. This is fine for regular daily operations but could prove to be problematic when a specialized skill set is required for certain projects. 


Comparatively, Outsourced teams of professional, may lack the first-hand experience of company’s internal workings. But as a PMC, we can often count on the fact that we will come with a range of expertise that is bound to address the company’s needs for long term success of project.


When deciding which avenue to venture down, I often advise prospective clients to consider their organization vision towards construction which majorly comprises of size and number of projects you are building along with your core offering.

  • If your core offering/expertise is not construction,
    • then going in-house might not be a good choice for you. The team building exercise for construction might take entire duration of project and it become waste of time if you are doing construction in rare scenarios. (Suggested Choice – Outsource)
    • In case you see construction as a recurring activity, then you should recruit key professionals for your in-house working and outsource the project monitoring. It will actually make you independent from PMC and In-house workings while having maker-checker concept on your projects. (Suggested Choice – Mixed Team)
  • If you core offering/expertise is related to construction, then going in-house is a good choice for you. The next question in line “How many projects are you developing in a year?”.
    • In case you are developing a single project, then going in-house is probably the best choice, as you will be face a long-term commitment and lofty international goals. Your team will be under one roof; your team members will share your vision and you can easily change the direction of your project at a moment’s notice. (Suggested Choice – Inhouse)
    • However, if you have ambitious target of completing construction projects and focus on other outcomes of Real Estate Construction, you should work with mix of In-house and Project Management Team. You should have core team to drive construction of projects and project management teams for specific projects which make them more answerable. In these case, selection of right PMC plays a vital role and you can play with different pmc combinations on different projects (Suggested Choice – Mixed Team)
  • In case, you’re working on a totally new idea or building a number of project’s in a year but lacks a full-blown team to give your project the kickstart it deserves, then seeking outside help will likely be your best bet. You can spend your energy over rigorous marketing campaigns to the eventual launch of the project while dedicated group of specialists will ensure delivery with their tested processes. It will not only save you money in long run but ensure an integral success to the project. (Suggested Choice – Outsource)


You’ll want to take your time to hire the right people who are eager to grow with you from day one. Outsourcing PMC is not only for those who are just starting out; established builders and developers can also benefit from this strategy. Many big companies simply do not have the manpower, equipment or expertise to handle certain projects, which needs latest implemented technologies in field of construction.

For any Project Management and Engineering Consultancy Connect us at +91-120-4356006 or We are specialized in Latest Construction Monitoring Technologies, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Quantity Surveying (QS), Bar Bending Schedule (BBS), Cost; Quality; & Scheduling Audits, Material Management Software, 3D Walkthroughs, Training on Primavera/MS Project, and Home Inspection

Construction Project Management in India

Construction Project Management is a professional service that use specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, design and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end. The purpose of Construction Management is to control a project’s time, cost and quality. Abhinav Bhardwaj Co-founder to Manomav Engineers was invited as a Guest Speaker at Ashray Design and Consulting Private Limited (ADCPL) Architect’s Office to speak on the benefits of construction management and how architects can play role in Project Management on 5th May 2018. Session started at 3 PM and continued till 5 PM.

It started with a brief introduction of all 20+ members present in the room including L. A. Murthy (Principal Architect – ADCPL). Interactive session was started by listing down the perspective of audience towards construction management. Understanding of audience was developed for futuristic conditions of construction industry in 2030. Abhinav Bhardwaj, co-founder of Manomav is currently working on Growth of Organization and running a FREE course on Construction Management for bridging gap between academics and industry.


Abhinav shared that any construction project scope is divided in three different Packages – a) Structural, b) Architectural & c) Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP). The scope of works goes through five stages  which includes

  • Plan Approvals
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Handover)


These stages and scope of works are used to map various organization and their roles in construction industry. Further different knowledge areas and current construction industry’s technical roles are mapped which includes Quantity Surveyor, Contractors Manager, Billing Engineer, Project Manager, Site Supervisor, Admin Incharge and more.


PMBOK is one of the leading guide of Project Management which defines it as combination of various processes in different knowledge areas. Abhinav shared that with his team of Manomav, they are building Project Management Consultancy which is focusing on implementation of these processes on any Construction Project. The session is narrowed down with expectation of Customers which focused specially on maximizing Quality while maintaining balance on Time, Cost and Scope of Works. This theory is known as Triple Constraint or Iron Triangle or Project Management Triangle.


Towards end of Session, Abhinav highlighted the importance of Architect and their sensitivity towards highlighted issues. He explained that Architects are not responsible for managing day-to-day activities of Projects. Howeverthey should seek following three major requirements on quarterly basis from Site Team which will be helpful for them which will help in issuing coordinated deliverable:

  • Revised Schedule of Projects
  • Work Break Down Structure of Site Works
  • Discuss the Revised Budget as Projects get detailed

Quick Questions were taken from Audience over which detailed Answers were discussed which sharing the importance of PMBOK process groups and knowledge areas. Upon Request from Audience, Live Example of Project is taken and projects documents were shared which are useful for doing complete project management.

At last the initially documented understanding of Project Management of Audience is mapped against the structured approach of Project Management. It helped in identified the basic responsibilities of Project Management Company and additional responsibilities which comes as Construction Management Company in India.

Virat Manchanda sharing Building Information Modelling and its Role In Project Management

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Gurugram, 9th May | Manomav Engineers organised second meeting for the PRATHAM, an Initiative towards success and leadership development of Manomav Engineers on 09, May 2018, Tuesday Morning at 7:29 AM. Mr. Virat Manchanda, Director of Imagine BIM, a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Construction Management from the US, has accepted to be “Guest of Honor” for meet #2. Virat is full time BIM Consultant and had associations with Capital Builders, Harkins Builders, DPR Construction.

Structure session of Pratham Meet #2 was attended by Project Managers and senior engineers of Manomav. The role of player of Timer was performed by Abhishek Rawat and Sergeant at Arms was performed by Hari Om. The Executive committee compromised of Akhil Saxena (President), Antriksh Tawar (Vice President), Abhinav Bhardwaj (Public Relations) and Vanshaj Raj Bahal (Secretary) has conducted Pratham Meeting in three sessions:

  • Networking Sessions with Juices & Snacks
  • Community Building
  • Leadership Development

Abhinav Bhardwaj acted as President and Host for the day with session start on time. Positive and Highly Energetic Environment of Meeting was developed by one of the oldest family member of Manomav, Mr. Mr. Raj Vikas Singh. He gave a very useful and informative Presentation on Scope Management in which he covered all the parameters that are needed to be considered while calculating Scope for any kind of project. With his presentation we could see the experience he has gained in the field of Construction.

Our next Speaker Mr. Kuldeep Singh had covered most important part of Construction Industry i.e. Quantity Survey. In which he stated the Importance of roles and responsibilities of Quantity Surveyor.

In later half of community building Vice President,  Mr. Antriksh Tawar invited Mr. Virat Manchanda who is a BIM expert. Mr. Virat gave a very informative and useful Presentation on “Building Information Modelling and its role in Project Management”. He started on a very high Note with some beautiful snaps of the project where BIM is used and possible consequences which can take place if we are not using BIM properly. Then he covered some useful topics like when, where and why we should Implement the use of BIM in construction industry and benefits of Using BIM that is how could we save time and cost with the help of BIM model. He concluded his presentation with a brief and detailed discussion on developments and his achievements in the field of Virtual Construction with BIM.

Community Building Session was concluded with Vote of Thanks to Guests of Honor Mr. Virat Manchanda. A Group Photograph was captured as we all say “Beautiful Memories Never Dies”. It was a great session by Mr. Virat which gave us one more reason to adopt this culture of BIM in Indian Construction Industry.

During Third Session of Pratham Evaluation of Manomav Engineers presenters was performed along with marketing review session. Mr. Kuldeep was voted as the presenter for the day and Mr. Prasant Mahato was voted as the Best Evaluator for the day. The meeting ended on a very high note and a positive environment with commitment to participate with full enthusiasm and with 100 percent contribution to Upcoming meetings of Pratham.