Green Buildings in Construction Industry

Manomav Engineers has conducted Sixth Pratham Meet at Chaayos, Gurugram. Early morning rain has not stopped Manomav Engineers from conducting their monthly talks on Construction Monitoring and Technology. Due to heavy rain, the venue was changed at last minute from The Entrepreneurship School to Chaayos, One Horizon Centre. The Chief Guest Mr. Paramjit Singh Saha, Managing Director of EPA Infrastructure was not able to make up to venue because of same reason of heavy rain in Gurugram. This session of Pratham got restricted to the presentation from team members of Manomav to the community.

This session was casually started by Abhinav Bhardwaj while addressing the meeting participants. On this occasion first presenter Mr. Gopal Negi has presented on Green Building concept of IGBC. He shared the information about the parameters of green building, it relevance and design considerations. He has also shared the statistics including the facts about first green building airport as Hyderabad Airport and first green building as Godrej. He briefed about the responsibilities of Project Managers on Green Building.

The next presentation was conducted by Abhinav Bhardwaj on Inter personal skills where he has shared the four level of communication including Small Talk, Facts, View & Opinion, and Personal Feelings. He shared a golden rule of having good conversation by asking elaborative questions to start the conversation which includes What, How and Why instead of asking Yes or No.


As per format of Pratham, audience has selected the best among equals of the day as Best Presenter and Best Evaluator. Best Presenter was selected as Mr. Gopal Negi and Best Evaluator is selected as Mr. Akhil Saxena.

This meeting ended up with lot of fun and few capture moments are shared below. The photographs session during the meeting can be explored from the link

Contract Management Techniques by M K Jha, Larsen & Toubro

24thJuly 2018, Gurugram. Fifth Pratham Meet was organized after a month interval where Construction Professionals and Manomav Engineers talk about Construction Monitoring and Technology. In current session Mr. M K Jha from L&T Construction shared his experience in Contract Management in relation to construction project.

Our Chief Guest Mr. M K Jha is a self-motivated professional having 25 years of experience in construction industry, spent 20 years in field from site engineer to Project Manager for Hotel, Hospital, Corporate office, Car, Glass & FMCG factory, MRTS corridor, petrochemical projects as well as 6 years in contract administration & coordination for cluster of projects (govt. & Pvt.) from regional office for northern region. Possessing a proven ability to help and define a company’s direction towards achievement of its goal. His area of Expertise includes Contract Drafting Contract Risk Evaluation Change Management Claim Management Schedule/Delay Analysis Project Management Project Execution Top down construction Deep Piles

Every Pratham Meet is successful with contribution of Time Keeper and Sergeant for the Day. For fifth meeting Mr. Prasanta has volunteered for time keeper and Mr. Puneet Sharma for Sergeant. Meeting started with networking session at 7:29 am with Chief Guest. This session is followed by our community Building Session where our Host of the Day Mr. Abhinav introduced team of Pratham and asked Mr. Antriksh Tawar to invite our chief Guest to throw his insights on Contract Management.

He Started off with a brief Introduction to Contract Management its definition and Importance of Contracts which is supposed to be signed before the commencement of work. He shared the worth of words which forms the contract language. He emphasized that language of contract should prevent future negative risks. He also quoted “THE FUTURE IS OURS” with which he means to say we with best project Management practices we will go through reasonable prudence, sailing through risk but in the end, we should focus on delivering a reliable legal product as dreamed. Then there was a Q&A Session where all the participants got the solutions to their doubts related to contract Management.

Mr. Tushar Panda presented on Practice of Bar Bending Schedule, where shared new facts related to steel Bar Bending and size availability in the market. He also shared the achievements of Manomav Engineers as leading consultants who have successfully completed more than 75000 MT of BBS work.

Mr. Aman Priya Prakash has recently joined Business Development team shared how to follow up on the leads. He even performed a role play with Mr. M K Jha where he considered him as industrial Giant.

Session was concluded with the chief Guest Felicitation Mr. M K Jha as “Guest of Honour” for the Pratham Meet #5 and Mr. Tushar Panda and Mr. Amanat Hassan was selected as the Best Presenter and Best  Evaluator for the Day.

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