Leadership: Taking Onwership by Mr. Mudit Vijayvergiya

October 23rd, 2018 Monday, Manomav Engineers conducted their 8th Pratham Meet with Mr. Mudit Vijayvergiya, the co-founder and director of Curofy, the premium networking app for the doctors. He is a graduated from IITD in 2013. Winner of IIT Delhi alumni award, 2014, Mudit has been a passionate speaker at various leading summits on topics related to Entrepreneurship, Leadership. He is also recently selected in Forbes India 30 under 30 list of 2018. His presence at the Pratham Meet made a great impact as he shared his thoughts on leadership development through real-life examples. He started off with a small interaction with all the guests present in the room, asking them a few simple questions like, where do they see themselves after a few years? And how do they define success? We got a variety of answers from everyone like from opening a food joint to owning businesses into different fields.  Followed by a little team building group activity. Wherein, one member was to share his glitches, he is experiencing in achieving his goals, while the others would engage in analyzing the problem statements and come up with possible solutions. Through this exercise, Mr. Vijayvergia concluded the session by telling that how can one work towards his or her goals to achieve something in life by actively fixing the problems in the way.

Project Cost Of Management by Raj Vikash Singh As the meeting continued, now it was time for the second speaker of the day, Mr. Raj Vikas Singh, project manager at Manomav Engineers to come up with his second presentation on this platform. He is an ace master in the scope and cost management for different kinds of projects and is one of the oldest members of the Manomav Engineers. He started off with a brief description of ‘Cost Management and its importance and principles of direct and indirect cost involved in a particular project. He also explained that how can a cost management plan be implemented in the construction project to get a cost budget and controlled cost factor at site. Then he took everyone through a sample cost budgeting sheet and S curve prepared for a particular project. The session concluded with lots of discussion and Q&A.


Management Process & Report By Vanshaj Raj Behel Vanshaj Raj Bahal, the third Speaker for the day in his presentation, shared his personal career experience with Manomav Engineers. He opened his speech with “we can lead a horse to pond but we cannot make him drink water and same goes with humans, we can show them the path but it’s in their hands how to reach success”. He took his real life example of how he joined Manomav and how was he constantly supported by the three A’s of Manomav.

Importance of Earthing And Grounding by Harish Sharma

Manomav Engineers Conducted there 7th Meet for Pratham where Construction Professionals and Manomav Engineers talk about Construction Monitoring and Technology with a very Pleasant Morning of 25th September, 2018 at The Entrepreneurship School Phase-1 Gurugram in continuation of energy from last meeting. In this Meeting our Guest of Honour was Mr. Harish Sharma from BDS Consultant an electrical engineer and he shared his thoughts on Importance of Grounding and Earthing in Life cycle of Building.


Importance OF Earthing And Grounding BY Harish Sharma

Mr. Harish Sharma is a young & 1st Generation of entrepreneur in his family and providing Electrical Consultancy Services since 2015 with highly qualified & experienced team to the various reputed Architects & Interior Designers. He has more than 9 years of practicing experience in planning & designing across the globe of all kinds of Prestigious projects like Residential, Commercial as well as Industrial Projects. He briefly Shared the concept of Different types of Grounding with the help of Circuit Diagrams and Importance of grounding.


It was the time to welcome our first Speaker Mr. Hari Om Kumar Singh. He Prepared a presentation on his Favourite role in the company i.e. Procurement Management he briefly explained the Basics of process of Procurement and also Explained the Framework prepared by Manomav for Best Procurement Management.


Then it was the time for our Second Speaker of the day Mr. Antriksh Tawar he presented on the latest Technologies and future of construction with Manomav Engineers.  Vamsi from NICMAR helped Manomav working on few of this point and prepared a report during his internship. Being a Director in Manomav Engineers, he promised the following technologies out of which some are already implement and checked or others are in the research period and to be Implemented soon.

Below are the Technologies on which Manomav is Working on and make construction Practice more easier and time saving:

  • Pre-Fabrication & Modular Construction
  • Advanced Building Material
  • 3D printing & Additive Manufacturing
  • Autonomous Construction
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • Big Data & Predictive Analysis
  • Wireless Monitoring & Connected Equipment
  • Cloud Real time Collaboration
  • 3D Scanning & Photogrammetry
  • Building Information Modeling

This one of the most interesting and informative session of Pratham Meet#7 ended with a felicitation of our guest of Honour Mr. Harish Sharma and as per Pratham Meeting this time the Best Presenter was Mr. Antriksh Tawar and Best Evaluator was Mr. Abhinav Bhardwaj.

Contract Management Techniques by M K Jha, Larsen & Toubro

24thJuly 2018, Gurugram. Fifth Pratham Meet was organized after a month interval where Construction Professionals and Manomav Engineers talk about Construction Monitoring and Technology. In current session Mr. M K Jha from L&T Construction shared his experience in Contract Management in relation to construction project.

Our Chief Guest Mr. M K Jha is a self-motivated professional having 25 years of experience in construction industry, spent 20 years in field from site engineer to Project Manager for Hotel, Hospital, Corporate office, Car, Glass & FMCG factory, MRTS corridor, petrochemical projects as well as 6 years in contract administration & coordination for cluster of projects (govt. & Pvt.) from regional office for northern region. Possessing a proven ability to help and define a company’s direction towards achievement of its goal. His area of Expertise includes Contract Drafting Contract Risk Evaluation Change Management Claim Management Schedule/Delay Analysis Project Management Project Execution Top down construction Deep Piles

Every Pratham Meet is successful with contribution of Time Keeper and Sergeant for the Day. For fifth meeting Mr. Prasanta has volunteered for time keeper and Mr. Puneet Sharma for Sergeant. Meeting started with networking session at 7:29 am with Chief Guest. This session is followed by our community Building Session where our Host of the Day Mr. Abhinav introduced team of Pratham and asked Mr. Antriksh Tawar to invite our chief Guest to throw his insights on Contract Management.

He Started off with a brief Introduction to Contract Management its definition and Importance of Contracts which is supposed to be signed before the commencement of work. He shared the worth of words which forms the contract language. He emphasized that language of contract should prevent future negative risks. He also quoted “THE FUTURE IS OURS” with which he means to say we with best project Management practices we will go through reasonable prudence, sailing through risk but in the end, we should focus on delivering a reliable legal product as dreamed. Then there was a Q&A Session where all the participants got the solutions to their doubts related to contract Management.

Mr. Tushar Panda presented on Practice of Bar Bending Schedule, where shared new facts related to steel Bar Bending and size availability in the market. He also shared the achievements of Manomav Engineers as leading consultants who have successfully completed more than 75000 MT of BBS work.

Mr. Aman Priya Prakash has recently joined Business Development team shared how to follow up on the leads. He even performed a role play with Mr. M K Jha where he considered him as industrial Giant.

Session was concluded with the chief Guest Felicitation Mr. M K Jha as “Guest of Honour” for the Pratham Meet #5 and Mr. Tushar Panda and Mr. Amanat Hassan was selected as the Best Presenter and Best  Evaluator for the Day.

Download Photos of Pratham Meet#5 from https://photos.app.goo.gl/CChcPKvUgEpquDVt7


Best Practices of Earthquake Resistant Designs are shared by Sangeeta Wij

Morning of 5th June 2018 came with 4th Meet of “PRATHAM” where engineers and participants talk about construction Monitoring and Technology. In past we have seen sessions on “How to Create a positive work Environment”, “BIM Culture” and “Collaborative Marketing”. In fourth session, Mrs. Sangeeta Wiz has shared insight of Structural Engineering.


Our Chief Guest of Pratham Meet #4, Mrs. Sangeeta Wiz is a renowned Civil Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering with MTech from IIT Delhi. She has spent 34 years in the building design industry. She is Managing Partner of SD Engineering Consultants, a 20-year-old Engineering Consultancy firm in India and also a Member of BNI Delhi – South. In past She has worked as DGM in RITES and Director (Technical) at AECOM before starting her Engineering Consultancy firm SDEC in 1996.


Every Pratham meeting is incomplete without community engagement. In this meeting Mr. Amanat Hassan Played the role of time keeper and Mr. Ankit Mishra took the Role of Sergeant for the day. Open Networking session with Guest Mrs. Sangeeta Wiz started sharp at 7:45 which was following by Community Session, hosted by Emcee Mr. Abhinav Bhardwaj. During Meeting, Vice President – Pratham, Mr. Antriksh Tawar invited Guest Speaker to present on “Best Practice for Earthquake Resistant Designs”

Mrs. Wiz gave an informative and must listen session on how to make Structure Safe for its life time. She shared live examples of Structurally nor fit buildings and expectations from growing construction project management companies of India like Manomav regarding Structural Engineering. She shared the clauses of structural contract and Indian Standard Codes. She emphasized on implementation of these standards while working at construction Projects. She appreciated the External beauty of building in for of Design & Look and brought focus toward Inner Beauty of building in form of structural safety. The session became so interesting & interactive where Questions were asked from audience and she shared the detailed answers and solutions to implement a changed perspective in India.


Mr. Deepak Sabhharwal, gave Informative and technical Presentation on BIM services (MEP) with some beautiful examples of BIM Model of one of the projects.


Later, Mr. Vanshaj Rah Bahal shared the way of working of Manomav Engineers. He highlighed the USPs of Manomav which includes Virtual Project Manager, BIM Coordination, and Knowledge Base.

Session is concluded with felicitation of Cheif Guest as “Guest of Honour”. Internal team has selected Mr. Vanshaj Raj Bahal as Best Presenter and Mr. Ankit Mishra as Best Evaluator for the Day.

Ashish Kaushik shared the importance of Collaboration in Construction

Gurugram, 23rd May 2018| Manomav Engineers organised Third meeting for the PRATHAM, which are talks relation to construction monitoring and technology on 23rd, May 2018, Wednesday at 7:29 AM. Mr. Ashish Kaushik, IIMK Alumni & co-founder at Regrob.com, was Chief Guest for the Meeting. He loves and support Entrepreneurship in every walk of life. It is the only reason why he chose to be here and not in cubicle doing work.

Organizing Committee of Pratham includes Antriksh Tawar, Abhinav Bhardwaj, Vanshaj Raj Bahal, Hari Om and Kuldeep Singh.  Abhinav was acting President and Host for the day who shared the concept of Pratham and asked Antriksh to invite Chief Guest for sharing his thoughts on “How to redefine the ecosystem with a collaboration”. He started with living examples from his past experience in Corporate Sector and continued to share his experience as a Successful entrepreneur. He highlighted that all of us are individuals and should choose collaboration over a competitive frame of mind for holistic development of self and the organization. He shared key constraints such as Organizational culture, Our own mindset and similarly more, which are required to be a good entrepreneur.

In line with Pratham’s Mission of Community Building Mr. Prasanta Mahato and Mr. Amanat Hassan has presented on Planning & Scheduling and Project Management respectively. Prasanta covered some of the important aspects and benefits of proper planning and how to stick on the schedule of the project and complete it in desired time with proper planning while keeping cost in mind.

Amanat, as next presenter, has presented project management with to the point examples. Being one of the disciplined and experienced Project Manager he presented on Need of Project Management along with informative presentation. He covered the one of the important aspect of project Management i.e. Iron triangle or Project management triangle.

Community Building Session was concluded with Vote of Thanks to Guests of Honour Mr. Ashish Kaushik. A Group Photograph was captured as we all say “Beautiful Memories Never Dies”. We all learnt from this session that in a competitive world if we choose collaboration over a competition it will not only benefit our organization but also help us in personal growth as an individual.

In last Evaluation Session of Pratham, Prasanta was voted as Best Presenter and Raj Vikas Singh was voted as the Best Evaluator for the day. The meeting ended with positive environment with commitment to participate in upcoming meetings of Pratham.